Sarieva / Hub is the first hybrid environment of its kind in Bulgaria, created to improve the culture of living and perception. The Hub stands out with its multi-genre and multifunctional character, combining the activities of certain well-known organizations and spaces with their own programs and focal points. It is above all a common shortcut to the world of art, culture, city life, design, architecture and the creative living environment in general. The art stage has never been more open and inclusive.

 Sarieva / Hub effects a multilateral connection and breaks boundaries between art, the public sphere, current and future professionals, collectors, fans and the wide audience in an up-to-date, friendly and expertise-based fashion. The platform is not simply a medium, but also a tendency and a way of life which inspires a modern-day lifestyle directly related to the art domain.

Sarieva continues its familial legacy, historically rooted in the cultural sphere and based on an actual professional expertise where the experiment and the zest for learning and discovery are the main driving forces.  

Sarieva / Hub combines the following organizations:

Sarieva Gallery, artnewscafe, Open Arts Foundation, Кабинѐт. They are unified and supported by Sarieva Videos and Sarieva Newsletter, and are further popularized through our social media accounts. 

A unique and purely physical showcase of Sarieva’s field of activities is the end of Otets Paisiy Street – a topical site of some of the gallery’s activities and a generator of the Hub’s ambience. 

Sarieva Gallery was founded by Vesselina Sarieva in 2021 as a third generation gallery which has inherited the professional attitude of previous familial galleries Sariev Gallery и SARIEV Contemporary that effected a crucial development in the international popularization of Bulgarian contemporary art. The gallery is not just a particular artspace – it is furthermore a gallery situation, a program and a statement on art that stimulates a dialogue with and an understanding of contemporary artworks. The gallery has established its own locations and activities around Plovdiv and is currently in the process of establishing a branch in Sofia. The rich, innovative and ambitious program exceeds the traditional model of the white cube and the black box. The gallery works with a wide range of artists and represents the leading names in Bulgarian contemporary art Nedko Solakov, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Stefan Nikolaev and artists such as Rada Boukova, Kamen Stoyanov and Valio Chenkov. At the same time Sarieva Gallery supports the work of young artists such as Rudi Ninov. The gallery is concurrently an acclaimed pioneer in discovering and rediscovering authors by assisting their career development. Apart from the represented authors, Sarieva Gallery works along with a more widely selected portfolio of artists by financing their creative activities and exhibiting their works. The gallery objective consists in encouraging the development of artists, popularizing artworks and staging exhibitions through specific conceptions, as well as to bolstering the collectors’ interest in Bulgarian contemporary art by enriching the Bulgarian and international art collections with newly discovered or little-known authors.

Artnewscafe was founded in 2008 in the city of Plovdiv as a café bar which functions as meeting place and incubator of individuals, events and ideas. Throughout the years, it has developed into a social center and a familial unit that brings audiences together, incites discussions, lends color to humdrum everyday life, improves itself and constantly attracts new followers.

Today, аrtnewscafe is a hybrid environment whose concept includes multifarious services and pop-up events. 

artnewscafe is partly a miniature art-island situated on Otets Paisiy Str., Plovdiv and formed by Sarieva Gallery, Кабинѐт, the Open Arts Foundation office, the FLUCA open stage for culture and various art and design bureaus.

Open Arts Foundation has its own history and future. The history began in February 2007 when it was founded by Katrin and Vesselina Sarieva. The organization has been recognized as one of the leading factors of Bulgarian cultural life that changed the image and the public endeavors by means of landmark projects such as NIGHT Plovdiv, Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary Art, FLUCA – Austrian Cultural Pavilion and the Open Art Files – an online archive database for Bulgarian art. The foundation establishes a connection between the city and its residents, rediscovers secret nooks and corners, reveals hitherto unknown attractions and creates new life in unexpected places. Simultaneously, it brings together contemporary art and the wide audience, granting access to artworks and altering the possibility of interacting with them.  As for the future, it is what the foundation aims at – gaining knowledge, developing, expanding, living in a better environment without limitations or prejudices.

The Кабинѐт is an environment for dialogue, analysis and development. It reaches out to those who take interest in art and culture, institutions and authors that seek to discover themselves, grow strategically in what they do, realize their dreams. The “cabinet” responds to inquiries, provides directions and navigates career development in every cultural sphere it crosses paths with. Drawing on the successful realization of numerous projects, the Кабинѐт accompanies every personal ambition at its difficult and complex starting stage by means of consulting, situation analysis, potential assessment, strategic planning, execution, support and mentoring.

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