November 2022

Tróchia Collection [τροχιά] by Studio NO\ON

Tróchia Collection [τροχιά]
Studio NO\ON
Solo exhibition
12 November – 12 December 2022
Opening: 12 November 2022, 18:00 – 20:00
artnewscafe, Plovdiv
Sarieva/Hub presents the first solo exhibition of the NO\ON collectible product design studio.
In “Tróchia Collection [τροχιά]”, the design duo Julian Mikov and Dimitar Vranchev focus the public’s attention on natural processes. Their works are a contemplation on the vital functions of nature, blended harmoniously with the manifestations of modernity that manage to transform the object. It combines the rawness of the material, its primary structure and texture, together with elegance and purity of form. To better control the processes, the studio experiments with integrating aging or now forgotten craft techniques. In doing so, they demonstrate the unadulterated and the traditional reimagined through a contemporary visuality – a balance manifested in imagery characteristic of the two young artists.
Julian Mikov was born in Vidin and graduated in architecture in Bucharest. He does not like the labels industrial designer, fashion designer, interior designer, product designer, industrial designer, etc. The word ‘industry’ doesn’t sound good to him – he imagines a factory, chimneys that pierce the clouds and emit smog, men helping machines, not machines helping men.
He thinks of himself as someone who can be inspired by all forms of life. He gives the example of his love for water: ‘I can go to my favourite water body (the Danube), jump in, get out, while the sun tries to wipe the drops running down me. I stare at my wiggling toes to visually freeze the clay forms coming out from between them. To look up at the sky… and feel inspired to make an object out of clay in memory of my beloved Baba Yula, who worked as a decorator in the porcelain factory.”, which I define as the most ancient sculptural mass modelled by mankind.
Dimitar Vranchev was born Peshtera. He is a multidisciplinary designer working in the fields of industrial, product and interior design, as well as urban design. He graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy with a Bachelor’s degree in 2013 and New Bulgarian University with a Master’s degree in Spatial Design in 2016.
Dimitar also has an interest in exploring the environment, natural or man-made, as he sees it, as a primary source of patterning for his work. This is the main factor behind the bonding between the design duo. Apart from NO\ON, Dimitri is also part of the people behind the bottom-up urban design and transformation platform Urbid. His work there involves the beautification, renovation and transformation of urban spaces that have the potential to be more than what they are but are neglected by local authorities.