Open Arts Foundation was established in 2007 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as a Non-Profit Organization in support of contemporary Bulgarian art and culture.

Since then, we aid hundreds of individuals, organizations, projects, ideas and causes. We have developed an active and innovative annual program, large network of partners, we have won numerus awards nationally and we have gained international recognition for our works. Our team has always included passionate and forward thinkers. Open Arts foundation was and still is a hub for many upcoming artists, cultural managers and new organizations.

Our current annual programme covers the following platforms: Education Program, City and Culture, International Exchange.  For more information about our programs, please visit our website:

Your donation will help and support the ‘Education Program’ which gives better opportunities for young Bulgarian artists and promotes international popularization of Bulgarian art.

Your donation will help and support the ‘Education Program’ which gives better opportunities for young Bulgarian artists and promotes international popularization of Bulgarian art.

Our Current projects in the ‘Education Program’:

–        „Open Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art“ – database/archive of Bulgarian contemporary art

–        Support for projects by young artists / Current: publication of Dimitar Shopov’s first catalogue / link /

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Open Arts Foundation is a registered with the Central Registry of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria. It carries out its projects by raising charitable assets, receiving donations from individuals, companies, institutions, funds and by attracting partners. Each year we submit reports of our activities to the Ministry of Justice and publicly available annual reports, in the form of newsletters.

Our most recent fundraising project is the publication of Dimitar Shopov’s first album.

Dimitar Shopov  2012-2022 Selected Artworks
160 color pages
Design: Paul Voggenreiter
Texts: Vera
 Mlechevska and Dimitar Shopov

Dimitar Shopov was born in 1980 in Kurdzhaly, Bulgaria. He graduated in Stage design in 2007 at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. He is the 2017 BAZA / Young Visual Artists Awards winner – a prize attributed by the Sofia City Art Gallery and Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia.

Shopov works across a wide range of disciplines encompassing visual arts, cinema, theater, and literature. He dedicated ten years of research to the life and oeuvre of the Bulgarian artist Milosh Gavazov, a project for which he was shortlisted for the Ruf award. His research culminated in 2012 with the publication of a book-album which won the “South Spring” prize for literature award which brought Gazanov out of anonymity. Milosh Gavazov is a fictional character invented by the artist who adopted this name as his own pseudonym. He is the founder of the Postgraduate School of Ignorance and author of the legendary work “Molotov Cocktail”.

See his catalogue here

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