2 December 2022

Manifesto of Happiness by ULTRAFUTURO – Publication

Manifesto of Happiness, 2021
available November through December 2021 in Sarieva, Plovdiv and selected galleries in Sofia

Manifesto of Happiness, 2021 by ULTRAFUTURO was published in December 2021 by Open Arts Foundation as a part of the last Phase VI of the multi­genre visual art situation Future Unforgettable, curated by Vesselina Sarieva.

Boryana Rossa shares the following about the work:

The text “Manifesto of Happiness” came about after conversations about the meaning of life, its brevity and the importance of art. The manifesto is undoubtedly inspired by our stay in Balchik this year (2021), by the sun, the sea, the beautiful birds flying outside the window, in contrast to the typically gloomy TV news on Bulgarian television, in addition to the catastrophic situation in the world during the second year of the pandemic.

The sense of being on the tiny island of an earthly paradise, isolated from the horrors of the collapsing world order and the vile anti-human race between the various vaccines etc. We felt like creating a comfort zone, at least in the territory of art. An outlet, a place where we could relax, catch our breath after the lockdowns, the deaths and the absolute uncertainty of the future.

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