14 April 2023

Rudi Ninov & Vesselina Sarieva – Artist talk on “The Carpet” – Art Brussels 2023

Voice Lines – artist talk on “The Carpet”
Rudi Ninov & Vesselina Sarieva

Art Brussels, Sarieva/Gallery booth
April 21st 2023, 2 pm


We invite you to an artist talk on the carpet with the painter Rudi Ninov (b.1992), joined by the curator Vesselina Sarieva. He will be reflecting on the exhibition gesture “The carpet” as a new egalitarian meeting place in the larger context of his solo booth Voice Lines. The showcased works are an observation on the personal and formal, abstract and figurative, oral and written language. They also offer a reflection on a vast visual poetry archive by Vesselin Sariev from the 80s and 90s. Talks on the carpet happen spontaneously and are encouraged throughout the whole fair.