Martina Vacheva

Series “Postthracians”, 2017

containing 15 objects 
clay, crystalline glaze ceramic
variable dimensions and display
unique work 

All works can be viewed here


The Postthracians series is based on the history of the Thracian culture in Bulgaria and plays with the aesthetic code of antique archaeological objects and the stereotype of the Bulgarian way of life nowadays. Most of the objects are inspired by the aesthetics of the real golden treasures of the Thracians (the Panagyurishte Treasure, the Letnishko Treasure, etc.) mixed with different storylines from the present in Bulgaria. 

Most of the receptacles in the Thracian treasures discovered were used during rituals, usually involving drinking wine. The objects in the treasures are decorated with scenes from Thracian mythology and everyday life such as horses riding into battle or hunting, animal figures and, most importantly, the symbol of the sun, as well as erotic rituals etc. Judging by the precision of detail of the artworks, they had a taste for beauty and the common use of gold proves their taste for luxury. 

The aesthetics of this ancient civilization with her point of view on the stereotypical Bulgarian way of life and the cliches of the present. So this is our heritage, what will remain of us as a representation of the Bulgarian lifestyle, culture and personality of the time. It’s a paradoxical social portrait, which shows different aspects linked to the Thracians, where the love for luxurious gold becomes a kitsch replica of archaeological objects. 

The antique themes undergo a metamorphosis in the present. For example the erotic rituals now take place during a school prom. Alcohol and sexuality are present, but in a tragicomic way. 

The Postthracians series represents Bulgaria’s social and cultural treasure, which will be part of the past, present and future. 

The full series of Posttracians was presented for the first time at the BAZA Award for contemporary art nominees exhibition where Martina Vacheva won the award.