*Кабинѐт (Bulgarian pronunciation: [kəbineˈt]) is a word, which in Bulgarian has the meaning of a personal room in a private home or a public establishment, used for reflection time, creative work and writing, where knowledge and expertise is collected. Very often, it stores a large number of materials, including books, artefacts, archives, etc. Unlike an office, it is considered a more intimate space where fewer people are allowed. The other meaning of the word Кабинѐт refers to members who belong to a community.

Кабинѐт* is an environment for dialogue, analysis and development formed around Sarieva/Gallery which combines commercial and philanthropic activities. It is rooted in the art-educational projects and experiences of Vesselina Sarieva since 2011 with her foundation Open Arts. Some of them are: Collectors' ForumPortfolio DayOpen Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art website, Artnewscafe Bulletin, educational lectures and the book Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary ArtFocus: Bulgaria at viennacontemporary, Background: Young Artists, Working Visits for International Curators and Art Critics, Future Unforgettable etc.

Today Кабинѐт* provides services for education and development to Bulgarian and international clients, among which are individuals, art institutions or enterprises that aspire to achieve knowledge and strategic development in the future. Кабинѐт* has a physical space in Plovdiv, Bulgaria next to Sarieva/Gallery at Otets Paisiy Str, 40.

Join us, start a journey in Bulgarian contemporary art and request a visit at the Кабинѐт's space in Plovdiv.