*Кабинѐт (Bulgarian pronunciation: [kəbineˈt]) is a word, which in Bulgarian has the meaning of a personal room in a private home or a public establishment, used for reflection time, creative work and writing, where knowledge and expertise is collected. Very often, it stores a large number of materials, including books, artefacts, archives, etc. Unlike an office, it is considered a more intimate space where fewer people are allowed. The other meaning of the word Кабинѐт refers to members who belong to a community.

Кабинѐт* is a collectors' space situated next to Sarieva/Gallery in Plovdiv at Otets Paisiy Str, 40. It is a comunity and and environment for dialogue, analysis and development formed around the gallery. The goal is to support the knowledge, collecting and philanthropy in art.

The Кабинѐт* is following it the art-educational projects of Vesselina Sarieva developed since 2011 with her foundation Open Arts. Some of them are: Collectors' ForumPortfolio DayOpen Art Files: Topics, People, Spaces, Files in Bulgarian Contemporary Art website, Artnewscafe Bulletin, educational lectures and the book Introduction to Bulgarian Contemporary ArtFocus: Bulgaria at viennacontemporary, Background: Young Artists, Working Visits for International Curators and Art Critics, Future Unforgettable etc.

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