+1 is a temporary project by Sarieva/Gallery, located next to the physical gallery space in Plovdiv. Its program showcases artworks and artistic positions in a shared environment. The aim is to emphasize visual and aesthetic perception instead of conceptual or exhibition framework. The title of the project refers to the guest lists, where the name of the invited person is mentioned and the accompanying person is marked with +1.

The first presentation includes works by Sophia Grancharova (b. 1994), Dimitar Genchev (b. 1985) and Velizar Dimchev (b. 1983). These pieces are united by the quotation, in-depth approach, the close-up, the narrative and the correction. The three young artists have worked with Sarieva/Gallery on a variety of projects, events and exhibitions.



+1 at Sarieva, Art Viewer, 29.06.2023