Project: 15 Minutes of Fame
2016 - 2018 / Presentation format for young artists

There come on the scene politicians, scientists, executive directors from the Silicon Valley... and painters. Everyone who can win the audience with an idea or an image is summoned to rise under the lime light. “15 Minutes of Fame” is a new format for inspiring presentations of young Bulgarian artists. For no more than 15 minutes they will have full freedom to present themselves, their work, and their vision of art as well as their future plans. “15 Minutes of Fame” is an opportunity for the audience to discover the work of contemporary artists in an informal environment.

But why the artist has to talk about his/her art at all? Does it go without saying; doesn’t his/her art talk instead about him/her? Not really. The artists don’t use the same well-known means that you will impeccably recognize as art any more. The artist can tell you what you have to see. Sometimes artists have something different in mind, not the thing you think. And finally, what sort of a person is the painter, we will see on the stage of “15 Minutes of Fame".

“15 Minutes of Fame” is a project of SARIEV Contemporary (Sarieva/Gallery since 2021) and Open Arts Foundation. The project is part of the platform Background: Young Artists. Partners: National fund “Culture” and Municipality of Plovdiv.

State Puppet Theater Plovdiv
24 September, 8:30 - 11:30 pm
during the Night/Plovdiv 2016 festival

Participants: Elena Kaludova, Kalina Terzieva, Kiril Ivanov, Maria Nalbantova, Martin Penev, Valko Chobanov
Musical guests: The Black Swells
Moderator: Vasil Iliev
Curator: Vera Mlechevska


Bar Tell Me, Sofia
30 June, 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Participants: Viktoria Georgieva, Radostin Sedevchev, Yavor Kostadinov, Elena Nazarova, Alexandra Mileva, Rumen Markov
Moderators: Martina Vacheva and Valko Chobanov
Curator: Vera Mlechevska