Project: Sariev + Markov sculpture projects
2019 / Context development and realisation of projects in public space


Sariev+Markov sculpture projects is a joint initiative of gallery Sariev Contemporary and Markovstudio, which aims, through various activities (residency, educational module consisting of artist talks and lectures, workshops, open doors studio, as well as exhibitions and collaborations with public institutions) to establish a field for creating and presenting sculptural projects for the public space, as well as an environment for discussion and development of such projects.

The idea of ​​a joint sculpture project Sariev + Markov sculpture projects was initiated by Vesselina Sarieva, director of gallery Sariev Contemporary as the main concept developer and organiser of the project, and was supported by the owners of the sculpture workshops Markovstudio and the Sariev Contemporary represented artist Stefan Nikolaev.

The sculpture project will focus, on one hand, on what contemporary sculpture is today, how it is created, what is its role, how it is thought in the context of different places and situations, what is the international experience in its creation, and on the other hand, on the question of its place in public environment (gardens, parks, public buildings) and its ethics within the shared space we live together in.

The project combines the efforts of Sariev Contemporary, which is an internationally recognizable gallery and institution, having initiated and developed a number of pioneering projects in public space over the years and has been actively working with curators and artists creating projects in public space, and Markovstudio which is among the largest sculpture workshops in Bulgaria with rich experience in working with leading artists such as Paul McCarthy, Richard Jackson, Jason Rhoades, Sam Durant, Vanessa Beecroft, Stefan Nikolaev, Nedko Solakov and many others.

The sculpture project launches with a number of activities in February 2019, including talks, presentations, workshops and exhibitions, and an artist residency with a Board consisting of Vesselina Sarieva (director and founder, Sariev Contemporary), Marin Markov (director and founder, Markovstudio), the participating curators Daria de Beauvais (senior curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris), Aaron Moulton (curator, Los Angeles), artist Stefan Nikolaev and the general project partners.

The first projects within Sariev+Markov sculpture projects are realised in partnership with French Institute, Sofia Municipality, Sofia City Art Gallery and its branch Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Open Arts Foundation.

The project is funded by the Culture Programme of Sofia Municipality.


Artist Residency

The residency for professional artists is initiated with the desire to create a shared place for dialogue between an international artist, a producer, a gallery, a curator for the creation of a work of contemporary art by the author, to be presented in a public environment or in a public institution in Bulgaria.

The residency will give opportunity to artists selected by established curators to produce a sculptural work in Markovstudio, Sofia and present it in collaboration with Sariev Contemporary in front of larger audience.

Focus countries in 2019 are France and the USA. The participating resident artists for 2019 are selected by Daria de Beauvais (senior curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris) and Aaron Moulton (curator, Los Angeles).

Participation in the residency is invitation only.


Artist Talks and Lectures

In the form of talks and lectures, curators and artists will share their international experience and expertise in the field of contemporary sculpture and the importance of art in public space to a wide audience.



Art and documentary exhibitions will be presented within the framework of the initiative. As well as that, the newly created sculptural works will be exhibited in public space in Bulgaria and at exhibitions abroad.



The initiative will also include professional workshops of professional artists, incl. resident artists, with students in sculpture and young artists. For the participating young artists, this will be an opportunity to meet sculptors with international practice, to get into foundry for the first time, to see how sculptures are being produced.


Open Doors Studio

Through the open-door days that are planned to take place at Markovstudio, the audience will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of resident artists – a kind of a "peek behind the curtain" to the creative process, as well as to learn more about the creation of sculptural works.


Collaborations with public institutions

Within Sariev+Markov sculpture projects, special collaborations with private and public spaces will be realised for the presentation of the sculpture projects.


Info about the Program for Spring-Summer 2019 here

Info about the Program for Fall 2019 here


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