Aaron Roth

Aaron Roth is born in Los Angles (1998). He currently works between Sofia and Plovdiv. In 2021 he received his Bachelors in Fine Arts (painting) at “Slade school of Fine Art”, London with a thesis on the visual culture of pop-folk. His first solo show was exhibited in 2021 in an abandoned supermarket near to Stochna Gara in Sofia “biznes (end) management”. His second solo show, “At liberty with the time frame”, was part of FLUCA, Austrian cultural pavilion in Plovdiv, organized by Open Arts Foundation. In 2022 he had his third solo show “The golden wire” in Sofia, “Punta” gallery.

Group shows that he has participated in include: “Memories of a social club that doesn’t exist”, London (2022), ZÉRUÌ gallery, curated by Jerry Goa; “Freedom”, Plovdiv (2022), Kapana City gallery; “The hanging show”, Sofia (2021) “Institute of Contemporary Art”, Sofia; “Sofia queer forum” (2021) Museum of contemporary art Sofia and Doza gallery, curated by Martina Stefanova; “Sofia Art Week” Sofia 2021 curated by Voin de Voin; “And The weird dreams/we have 3.0_back_to_postwhut” Venice (2020); “In the Calle” curated by Ludovica Elpidia.; “BAZA 2022”, Sofia City Art Gallery. 

Aaron Roth works with found images interrogating them by the means of painting, installation, sculpture and photography. The installations straddle the place between the readymade and assemblage based upon the detritus in contrast to the painting having a mimetic and ironic relationship to advertising mostly coming from screenshots from chalga: Bulgarian pop-folk music videos. The pieces draw their inspirations from chalga, conspiracy theory and advertisements of luxury goods used to explore questions of desire, myths of nationalism and capital. Since 2020 he has been curating and organizing shows in off-spaces.