Dimitar Solakov

Dimitar Solakov (b. 1987) graduated 2010 from the Photography Department of the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. In his work he is exploring different connections between nature, urbanization and the human locked between the two; between the past and its interpretation today. His works might appear equally very private and yet totally distanced.

He has had solo shows at: ICA-SOFIA – “Creation and Destruction, or the responsibility of fatherhood”; Vaska Emanouilova Gallery (Sofia, 2017); Vivacom Art Hall (Sofia, 2016); Sariev Project Space (Plovdiv, 2014); 0GMS Drawer / Salonul de proiecte (Bucharest, 2014); 0GMS Drawer / Gregor Podnar Gallery (Ljubljana, 2013); 0GMS Gallery (Sofia, 2013); Incubate (Tillburg, Netherlands, 2011); Vaska Emanouilova Gallery (Sofia, 2010).

He has taken part in numerous international art shows, among which are: the 56th October Salon, Belgrade (2016); “Variofocus – Artists”, at VIENNACONTEMPORARY (Vienna, 2015); “All I can Do is Art” (Prague, 2013), Sofia Contemporary Festival (Sofia, 2012); “Ritual Of The Habitual” (Plovdiv, 2012); GRID Photographie Biennal (Amsterdam, 2012); PhotoEspaña (Madrid, 2011); the 11th Biennial in Cuenca (Ecuador, 2011); and the “The Power of Doubt”, Times Museum (Guangzhou, China, 2011).