Sevda Semer

Sevda Semer is born 1990 in Sofia.

Among her exhibitions are: Figures, 2019 – exhibition in two parts, Crredo Bonum, Contemporary Space; A perfect day, 2018, +359 Gallery; Domus Aurea, 2017, performance with Voin de Voin, Aether. She’s nominated for the BAZA award for contemporary art 2019.

I grew up with the then traditional rich house library with Russian and German art albums and biographies of artists, which made up my whole idea of what art is – something you open up and read. This probably defined my first media – artist books, visual diaries that I first started making around 2010. Later I began using large scale print paper, textile, installation, audio, video. The main theme for me is time: the time that the viewer spends in the gallery, and the time the artist spends working; and from there – memory, the evidence of memory, and the merging of personal and collective history.

- Sevda Semer