RESIDENCY: Maria Nalbantova
13 MAY 2020 - 17 JUNE 2020 / Sarieva/Gallery, Plovidv

In 2020 Sarieva/Gallery (previously Sariev) announced an open call for a resiency aimed at artists of all ages. The invitation aimed to support the re-opening of the art scene and the work of the creators while the gallery is preparing to welcome visitors again after the COVID-19 epidemic. The support included: providing a work space in the gallery for the artist and a budget for materials. Sarieva Residency is a laboratory that changes the perception of gallery space and provides opportunities for artists to have experience in a new environment that provokes and supports them to create. During this unique residence, the artist also has the opportunity to interact with the city and its area and to meet with specialists and people to contribute to the development of his work and his journey. The first selected resident, who transformed the gallery space into their own studio was Maria Nalbantova.

Maria Nalbantova's residency took place from May 13 till June 17 2020. The young artist presented her solo show "hybrid-pure", exploring the emotional, ethical and moral personal hygene.

"The opportunity I received from Sariev gallery to turn their gallery into my temporary studio is both wonderful and a real challenge. I am very interested in working with the gallery space, as well as talking to different people who have witnessed my work process. After a two-month period of isolation related to the pandemic, in which I felt the rupture of the social fabric, the separation of the individual from society and the lack of freedom, my stay here is like a restart in which I can expand my thoughts, to work and experiment. In this temporary studio of mine, I can explore new artistic means and expand and enrich my creative process. "

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